Sagittarius Zodiac Candle

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Ruled by Jupiter, the solar system's largest planet, Sagittarians are known to be intensely loyal and deeply compassionate. This depth and complexity are reflected in the fragrance profile which includes Cedar, Moss, Sandalwood, and Citrus.

Sagittarius' celestial symbol is the centaur archer aiming for the sky. Zesty citrus equips Sagittarius with the energy and mental clarity they need to sharpen their aim and hit their target.

Sagittarians find themselves on a perpetual quest for knowledge. Cedar's woodsy aroma, reminiscent of pencil shavings found in a classroom, ignites Sagittarius' insatiable hunger to learn either through reading a book or experiencing for themselves first-hand.

As the zodiac's most adventurous sign, Sagittarians are born explorers. Moss and Sandalwood are just what this on-the-go fire sign needs to help them take a break to relax and recharge. These luxurious yet rugged botanical aromas transport Sagittarians to an enchanted misty forest all while they're resting in the comfort of their home.

Fragrance includes essential oils of Cedarwood and Gurjon Balsam. Pictured with Celestite.

8 oz • 2.9" w x 3.5" h • Burns for 50 hours