Fireflies 16x20 Framed Art Print - Visiting Artist Series

Anastasia Mak

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Thank you for viewing the Midwest Nice Visiting Artist Series! If you are interested in purchasing this piece you may do so here by adding this item to your cart. The item will be marked as "Sold" for the remainder of the event and you will be able to pick up your purchase either at Dovetail Brewery, Midwest Nice (located at 4619 N Lincoln Ave) or shipped to the destination provided in the checkout details. If we are able to swap the piece out, you may recieve your order sooner.

Prints on canvas are reproductions of Anastasia Mak original paintings. They are printed with pigment inks on archival grade canvas. Canvas is then mounted on a wooden panel, coated with multiple layers of UV-Resistant preservation varnish, and framed. Because of this special varnish treatment, prints on canvas are brighter and have a higher than prints on paper. They more closely resemble an original painting, and also do not require glass.

The framed options come in black frame made of authentic wood (not composite material). As such, frames may have some minor elements of natural wood texture – such as rings and knots.