Dovetail Framed Fine Art Print


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Evans new print is of our favorite brewery, Dovetail! This is a matted and framed signed print. Here is a little more on what inspired Evan when creating this print: 


Excerpt from the personal journal of Dr. Berwyn Fielding, Late 14th Cataclysm, Ravenswood District.

“It’s days like today that make me glad I started this record. No, not because I’m planning to publish a memoir based on my time here in the North Ward. Truth be told, if the only thing I gain from writing this is the opportunity to reflect on and revisit a day as beautiful as today, that will be enough. It was the kind of day you want to remember, the kind where everything feels just right.

After a leisurely breakfast at the Settlement, Marcus and I donned our Envirosuits and spent the morning riding our bikes through the overgrown trails of Ravenwood, rolling beneath the lush vegetation which seemed to radiate with life. In the afternoon, we stopped by the old Dovetail Brewery to visit the Cylinder Fowl and stock up on Cherry Gumseeds. No one knows for sure where the curious creatures came from, or exactly how their symbiotic relationship with the seeds came to be, but there is no doubt they enjoy their home in the converted barrel coups. They danced and pecked, reacting to our every movement as we plucked the precious seeds from their clusters. Our harvesting of the Gumseeds excited them, but there was plenty to go around so we spent some time feeding the strange birds and entertaining ourselves with their goofy antics.

Seeing the old Metra train resting on the tracks above us, I couldn’t help but wonder about the history of this place. Marcus, filling his backpack to the brim with seeds, said that the Dovetail building was once a local watering hole. City commuters and neighborhood locals would come here after a hard day’s work to spend time drinking and conversing with their friends. I guess not much has changed, even after all the cataclysms that have transformed our city over the centuries.

After we loaded up our bikes (Dr. Janice set us up with these nifty “kitty litter” panniers), we took our leave back to the complex. It was a simple day, bright, calm and worthy of remembrance. Hopefully there are many more like it on the horizon.”